Having a connection with someone is either there or not at all. I had so many forced conversations with people who I didn’t “click with” in high school (ex if they were my only friend in the class so I felt like I needed to talk to them) and thought maybe if I had taken more time to get to know them the connection would come. Thats not really how it works. If you’re meant to be friends with someone then that connection is probably gonna be instant. Don’t ever force a connection thats not meant to be. 

  • Four years is a very small fraction of your life. Keep in mind that you only have to deal with these people for four years so anyone who is rude to you, anyone who breaks your heart, or anyone who witnesses your awkward high school moments..after these four years you may never see them again and that stuff won’t matter once you’ve graduated. But also keep in mind that it is only four years so don’t waste time hanging out with people you don’t feel yourself with, treasure the time spent with people who will be leaving your life after high school, make the most of friendships and relationships even if they are temporary, and join a sport or club to make high school a little more tolerable. 
  • People come and go and that’s life. Those friends you had in middle school might not even talk to you in high school. Friends move, people change, feelings fade, and that’s okay. 
  • Don’t stare at the clock and count down days until the weekend, until prom, until spring break, until summer break, until graduation…the future will come, time takes time and don’t rush anything. Your stuck there for four years and you can’t speed up time so just enjoy the moment and make the best of things. 
  • Put down your phone and take out your earbuds from time to time. You might be missing out.
  • Most people are just as stressed and tired of school as you are. Seriously, sometimes it feels like everyone else is just getting through school without trying and no one else is exhausted. But just pay attention and you’ll realize that other people struggle to get out of bed, good grades don’t come easy to most people, everyone has their own issues, but some people just put on a brave face. 
  • Lighten up. As much as it’s important to take grades seriously, remember that you don’t need to be so serious sometimes. During presentations it’s okay to stumble your words a little and it’s fine if you raise your hand and get the answer wrong. No one will care or remember these things. 
"Closure is not like ripping off a band-aid
You don’t let go all at once, painful and quick, with not a trace left behind
Closure is like walking slow and steady into a chilly pool
Challenging and uneasy to begin with,
You ask yourself how you’ll ever feel adjusted to the cold water of reality around you
A cowardly part of you wants to jump back out, but eventually, with time and patience, you adjust to the temperature
It starts to feel normal, almost warm and soothing, and you realize that everything has turned out okay
And sometimes a breeze will float by and you will shiver and acknowledge the coldness of the water around you
That cowardly part of you will want to jump out of the water,
But without those moments of coldness, you would not be able to recognize the warmth around you"